What to do when you have an idea but no motivation.

Don’t you just hate when you have an idea in mind but have absolutly no motivation to create it?

Well it used to happen to me quite often. I would have a an idea for a potential film but I always seem to lay it off or get caught up with something else and forget to write it down to develop it correctly. It’s completly normal, especially if you are a student, to have no motivation what so ever to accomplish what you have started in your head.

So what to do when this happens?

1. Write it down. Whatever it is you have in your head, even if it has no real development, write down whatever you have. Make bullet points or create a story map.

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2. Relax. Being in a relaxing environment such as the comfort of your bed with headphones on stimulates your motivation. Or perhaps go outside on a nice day and sit on the grass, under a tree, or at a bench. Where ever you are, just make sure you are completly comfortable and relaxed.

(Photo by: romanticfatman on pixabay, licence CC)

3. No distractions. In order for you to stay on top of your game you must stay focused. If your phone is what distracts you the most, put it away, turn off notifications, or simply turn it off. If it’s people, the environment you choose to do this is key. Your surroundings could help you for inspiration, but if it becomes too much of a distraction it’s better to explore some place else. Stress is also a distraction. The last thing you want to think of that deadline you have or that thing you have to do for tomorrow. So make sure you have nothing that can take your mind away from what you want to get accomplished.

4. Look for inspiration. There will most likely become a time when you get stuck. This is the perfect opportunity to get inspired. First, what are you stuck on? A character? A setting? A plot? Once you have this figured out, take a minute. Look around you. Talk, listen, observe, smell, touch. All from right where you are. Focus on one thing at a time. Still stuck? Allow yourself to become distracted for a little bit, it’s okay to take a break.

(Photo by: succo on pixabay, licence CC)

5. Set reminders. It’s important to finish what you started. You might not finish it all in one sitting. That is completely okay. Some ideas take years in development. However it is essential you always go back to it.

Anydo: A great app for daily and future reminders and helps you plan your day in an organized manner!

These are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way to stay motivated. I know some people do things differently than others, but I hope this helps you set off your brilliant ideas! Always explore your creativity.


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