Assignment #5: #DoNotTrack


  1. Resumir los aspectos esenciales que más les han impactado de los temas tratados en la serie;

The essential aspects that impacted me the most in the series of Do Not Track was “Breaking Ad” on episode 2 and “Like Mining” on episode 3. Episode 2 talked about what cookies were and how this became an important attribute to tracking. Cookies are records of the users activity on an application or website. But the craziest part of this episode was when they explained that ads are the gateway to the extraction of personal information. Websites and apps use cookies in order to produce ads that are in your interest. The scary part is that when they know what your interests are, they can know all your preferences and this way it is easier for them to produce ads and pop up ads that you are most likely to click on and there is a 1/3 of a chance it is not a scam. With this strategy, advertisers became the basis of the internet economy.

The “Like Mining” episode opened my eyes to the impact my activity on social media has on my personal data record. Everything i do online gives out a bit more information about myself. Things like religion, race, sexual orientation and preferences are just a few things that can be known about someone just from their likes on facebook. Some people that are trying to hide their identity often times fail do to their activities on the internet. On this episode they revealed their other website where you can get a better understanding of what web tracking is.

Their website:

2. Resumir lo que cada uno aprendió sobre todo lo que se sabe de uno.

I previously knew that anyone who has an electronic devise can be tracked. Also, i always suspected that we could be spied on very easily. What came to a surprise to me is how we can be tracked so precisely. I knew that apps that ask for your permission to access certain information on your phone could lead to a violation of privacy. However i would have never expected that something so simple such as your phone flash light could be such an attribute. I always think twice before i allow certain apps to obtain my location but what i did not know is that despite turning off device location, the geotracking is still enabled in the phone which could never be turned off. I also did not know how the algorithm in “big data” worked and i was stunned at the amount of information it can store.

3. Reaccionar ante la situación describida de pérdida de privacidad: ¿Les importa? ¿Qué efecto les hace? ¿Le tienen miedo?

Definitivamente me importa mi privacidad. Tengo entendido que para obtener la mayor parte de la facilidad de lo que es el Internet, tengo que correr riesgos. Saber que todo lo que hago deja rastros digitales y que mi información siempre estará en algún sitio si me da miedo. No puedo negar que no me siento segura. Sin embargo, ya la mayor parte de mi ya está en ese ambiente y no hay nada que pueda hacer para eliminarlo. Creo que lo más importante es no dar tanta información personal y siempre leer los términos de cada app o website nuevo.


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