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In the course of INF 103, professor Antonio Vantaggiato, taught his class in a comfortable learning environment with excellent use of dialect. The class was mostly hands on with computers and the assignments were interactive. In this class we each made a blog where every week we had to post something related to the class or anything we wanted related to our blog. I fairly enjoyed this great strategy to engage the class.

In beginning of the class, I did not think I would learn so much as I did taking this course. I thought I already knew everything there was to know about the web. However, my professor really opened my eyes to new and very useful information. I truly feel i learned innovative skills i can use while im on the web.

One thing that i found very interesting was the lesson on privacy. This lesson and the assignment on Do Not Track helped have a better understanding of the dangers of the web and why i should protect my personal information. If it were not for this lesson i would have never gone so in depth in investigating the true privacy violation laws. Another useful lesson that was given was the correct websites to use for research and references. I now know where i can find images and give them the  recognition they deserve.

I don’t think there is anything i would change about the course. Everything that was taught to me was done in a very interesting, useful, and hands on experience.



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