Assignment #3- Road Trip!

If I had the chance at a road trip of a lifetime it would be in Europe! Along the way I would stop at some of the most beautiful locations Europe has to offer.

I would go from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy. By car it would be a 844 mile, 13 hour and 34 minute drive.

spain to italy.PNG

In Barcelona Spain, the beauty reflects from  its art and architecture. I would spend time there and take in the scenery.


(Photo:Barcelona by:Geoff Stearns licence CC)



(Photo by: catharinarytter licence CC)

My first stop from my starting point in Spain would be in Narbonnaise en Méditerranée Natural Regional Park in France. Then, make another quick stop in Nice, France.

When I finally to Italy I would like my first stop to be in Genoa, Italy.

Nervi - Genoa, Italy

(Photo:Nervi – Genoa, Italy by:Thanate Tan license CC)

Finally, when I arrive at Rome Italy, my day would go a little like this:




Assignment #1

  1. ¿Cómo es tu vida con la Web? –Describe tus día utilizando esta tecnología y red. Habla de cómo usas la Web, de lo que te gusta y también de lo que no te gusta o que encuentras complejo o dañino para tí.

My life on the web is a daily thing. I am constantly on the web, everyday, all day. I use social media the most. Facebook, snapchat and instagram are a big part of my social life. I use these to communicate with my friends and family in a more efficient way. What I like most about the web is all the information that is out there. I can find almost anything that I’m looking for in a matter of seconds. I love that it is handy and quick. The only con to the web is that it can sometimes be a bit dangerous since there are scammers and hackers that can manipulate their way into your personal information.


(Photo:Hacker by:Free Images licence CC)

2.¿Cómo sería tu vida sin la Web? –Seguramente, sería distinta a tu vida de hoy.

My life without the web would probably be both difficult but productive. I wouldn’t be able to just look something up within second, instead i would have to get up and perhaps go to a library and look for the information in multiple books before I find what I’m looking for. Also, communicating would be more personal due to the fact that wouldn’t have social media so I would have to make a bigger effort to talk to someone. Basically it’s something like this: